my st70 restoratation

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my st70 restoratation

Post by dogscoota1 » Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:21 pm

HI there, am a newbie ,I baught a 1978 honda st70 in 1980 ,i used it for work , fun for a good few years then put it in the back of the garage, i have just finished restoring a1976 suzuki GT380 and was looking out for another bike, but they are asking silly money for resto bikes ,so i hauled the st70 out of the garage and gave it a wash, i was going to restore it later but since the wash i am realey looking forward to doing it, have started buying parts for it exhaust heatshields chain and sprockets and odd bits and pieces ,the engine is as new. a friend refurbished it for me in exchange for painting a 1930s Norton Internatonal ,the paint work side of the build is not a problem, I am a panel beater sprayer, now working on commercial vehicles ,so will paint it myself it is an orange one not very keen on the colour so i might do the the candy blue of that year ,if i can find the colour ,i have owned it for over 40 years so i will not ever sell it, will post pictures soon.

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